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Are you excited for this year’s school play?


Our show this year is “The School Zone” where wacky Dr. Froid and his offbeat assistants, Igor and Marlene, zap ordinary students into another dimension filled with light, sound, music and comedy. The students are challenged by many hilarious everyday situations such as dealing with being late to school, test anxiety, passing notes in class, being on trial for chewing gum, choosing friends, avoiding bullies and surviving silent lunch.  This wacky musical is sure to be fun for all ages and make everyone laugh out loud!


Auditions will take place on Monday, November 18th and Tuesday, November 19th.  Be on the look out for more information soon on what to expect and how to sign up.  All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders are welcome – and everyone that auditions will get a part in the play.  Don’t miss out on the fun we have planned this year!

We’re happy to announce that New Prospect is offering its first Audition Workshop this year.  If you’ve been thinking about being in the school play, but you’re not sure if you want to do an audition, this fun workshop is for you!



Whitney Christopher King and her creative team will walk through what an audition is really like, how to do a slate and how to select a song and monologue to make you stand out.  They’ll have a mock audition to show you tips on what to do and what you should avoid. There will even be a brief parent’s meeting at the end of the workshop to address any questions you may have.


WHEN: Wednesday, October 16th from 2:30-3:45

WHERE: New Prospect Media Center


This workshop is perfect for all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders!  Whether you’re new to the world of auditions and not sure what to expect or you’ve auditioned for the school play a time or two, everyone should attend.


Don’t let the fear of auditioning keep you from the fun of being in the school play!  Click here to sign up today

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