The PTA and the New Prospect Administration have partnered in creating the “Panther Pals” program  at NPE. This is one of the only programs that are focused on parents and not kids! Panther Pals is where an existing New Prospect Panther Family is paired up with a brand-new New Prospect Panther Family. If a new student registers at New Prospect between now and May, they will be paired up with someone who had volunteered to give them a welcome call and answer any initial questions they may have.


For example, if Mrs. Friedman volunteers to be a Panther Pal, and Mrs. Pig registers her kids Peppa and George at New Prospect, Mrs. Friedman will get an email from Mrs. Heibel that says…”We have a new family, the Pig Family. They are welcoming Peppa who is in 4th grade and George who is in 1st. Mrs. Pig would love a welcome call from you as a New Prospect Panther Pal. Here is their contact information (404) 678-PIGG”.


So, do you want to be a Panther Pal? Commitment is one phone call maybe every other month depending on how many volunteers we get. We average about 5 new families per month. We will also provide you with some talking points if you need them.



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