Hello Panther Families!


I have loved being your PTA president and this has been a wonderful year.  As a board, together with the community, we have accomplished so much this year:


Annual Giving Fund and Partnerships:

  • 121 families and 64 staff members joined PTA and raised $26,000 in donations.
  • 10 businesses partnered with NPE and raised $5,000 through those partnerships.


Additional Fundraising:

  • NPE Fun Run was our most unique and successful fundraiser that promoted school spirit, encouragement, determination and excitement.
  • Holiday shop facilitated independence and allowed students to purchase gifts for family and friends.
  • Spirit nights facilitated a sense of community while giving back to the school.
  • School Supplies Box sales and Tanner photography provided a convenience for families while also giving back to the school.
  • Original Art allowed parents to purchase keepsakes from their students’ year.
  • 5th grade car wash encouraged 5th grade students to take initiative in raising funds to support their own graduation celebration.


Funds Allocation:

  • We spent $18,000 in academic enrichment, which included over $13,200 in teacher grands and $1,300 in STEM lab support.
  • We hosted our first free family event in spring 2022, two successful movie nights, and an amazing Hands on New Prospect.
  • We supported the school and experienced a wonderful Taste of New Prospect event, a fun filled Field Day (planned for this Friday) and created a memorable graduation week for the 5th grade.
  • We showered our teachers with appreciation throughout the year.
  • We used Fun Run donations and PTA funds (for the balance) to purchase the Lu Screen for the gym.
  • We facilitate programs that are intended to be self sustaining (e.g., the school play, spirit wear, house shirts, yearbook sales).
  • At the end of the year, we will see how much we have left over to contribute to purchasing classroom furniture.


We accomplished so much and have lots of exciting plans for next year.  Thank you so much for this experience and allowing me to represent NPE this year.  It meant more to me than you know!  Have a wonderful summer and we’ll see you next year!!


Kristin Kray

NPE PTA President




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