New Prospect has partnered with Balfour again this year for our school yearbook!



 Order the 2018-2019 Yearbook before November 1st so your student doesn’t miss out! 

After this date, prices will increase, so don’t wait to order! 


Yearbook only: $28

 Special Yearbook Package*:$31 * Includes Yearbook, Autograph section and Rewind 
Go to and enter New Prospect Elementary School in the search box (be sure to click on the correct New Prospect)!  Click on Yearbook and follow the steps to place your order!



Attention parents and teachers!
The yearbook staff needs your first day of school pictures!! If you have any that you can share, please do so one of the following ways:
-Download the Balfour Image Share App on your smart phone, enter in our school code 917823 and upload away
-Go to StudioWorks Public Photo Upload, enter school project 917823 and upload from your computer


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We are so thankful to our Platinum business partner for their generosity! 


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